Assessment 2011 2

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The Event class contains the following public attributes:

 public String id;
 public String module;
 public String etype;
 public String day;
 public String start;
 public int duration;
 public String weeks;
 public String room;
 public String staff;
 public ArrayList<String> students;

An example event is given in the table:

 id       SET07102.P2a
 module   SET07102
 etype    Practical
 day      Wednesday
 start    14:00
 duration 2
 weeks    2-13
 room     M.Kilby.C09
 staff    Co.Set.Chisholm, Ken
 students Co.Cc1f-A       Co.Cc1f-B

The structure events is supplied for most questions. This is a HashMap that relates the event id to the event object.

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