Assessment SET08112 2011 Hard

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For picking and replenishment you should observe the following constraints:

  1. Minimise the number of locations used.

£Maximise the distribution of products across towers.

  1. Minimise the amount of movement move as few trays as possible.
  2. Use low trays.
  3. Use the edges. Put the weight at the outside edges. Avoid the centre of the tray.
  4. Balance trays. There should not be excessive weight on either the left or the right.

Question 11

No tray should weight more than 100kg. List the trays that are overloaded.

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Question 12

List the trays where the centre of gravity is off centre by more than 10%.

  • To calculate the centre of gravity of a tray you divide the sum of the moments by the total mass on the tray.
  • The moment of a location is the mass of the location multiplied by its distance from the left edge.

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Question 08

List those items that are in one tower only.

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Question 09

List the trays by order of weight. Show the heaviest trays first.

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Question 10

No tower should contain more than 100 of a particular product. List those products that are in excess in a tower. Give the product code, the tower and the number of products.

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