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The file http://progzoo.net/world.xml is as shown:
 <region name='Europe'>
  <country id='de' name='Germany' pop='82000000'/>
  <country id='fr' name='France'  pop='60000000'/>
 <region id='Asia'>
  <country id='cn' name='China' pop='1300000000'/>

This this tutorial we look at the following members of the DOM interface



The program shown uses GetElementById.

Change the program so that it prints the name of the country with id "ca".

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ParentNode and Name

The "Name" property gives the tag name of an Element.

Change the program so that it prints the Name of the Element with id "ca" and the Name of the ParentNode of that element.

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Often the DOM model returns an XmlNode when you are expecting an XmlElement. When this happens you must explicitly cast.

In this example the value p must be cast as an XmlElement

XmlNode p = e.ParentNode;

must be replaced by:

XmlElement p = (XmlElement) e.ParentNode;

Change the program so that it prints the name attribute of the parent Element with id "ca".

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