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For students wanting to gauge their programming skills with a view to entering at second or third year.


For many programmes it is important that you have the ability to build programs in Java. This section shows you the kinds of skills that are taught in first and second year. You can follow the tutorials and take the tests.


The first programming exercise involves drawing images using the Java Graphics2D class in the java.awt package. We don't expect you to know all of the classes and methods; so don't worry if you have never heard of the methods fillRect or drawLine, what is important is that you can use these methods after you have seen some examples.

You should be able to compete all of the easy examples in Assessment 2008, you should also be able to compete at least some of the medium problems.

You will find help, and many examples of graphics problems in the Flags Tutorial.


You should be able to develop algorithms to solve problems. Most of these examples use arrays and loops.

Object Orientation

User Interface