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Complete [[Hello World in Eclipse]] before starting this.
Complete [[Hello World in Eclipse]] before starting this.
==Download Tomcat==
==Download Tomcat==
[[Image:Eclipse_Tomcat_Download.png|Download Binary, Core|thumb]]
*Unzip it to somewhere convenient
*Unzip it to somewhere convenient
**for example '''C:\'''
**for example '''C:\'''
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<br clear=all>
<br clear=all>
==Run time environment==
==Run time environment==
[[Image:Eclipse_New_Dynamic.png|Create a new project|thumb]]
*You need to specify the '''Project name''' and the '''Target runtime'''
*You need to specify the '''Project name''' and the '''Target runtime'''
*Name your project '''HelloWeb'''
*Name your project '''HelloWeb'''

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Complete Hello World in Eclipse before starting this.

Download Tomcat

Download Binary, Core
  • Unzip it to somewhere convenient
    • for example C:\
  • No need to install anything - Eclipse will take care of it
    • You just need to point Eclipse to the file location and it will take care of the installation
    • If you need to run tomcat outside Eclipse you will need to read some documentation

From Eclipse, start a new project

Eclipse New Project Dynamic Web.png
  • File / Project / Web / Dynamic Web Project

Run time environment

Create a new project
  • You need to specify the Project name and the Target runtime
  • Name your project HelloWeb
  • Click New Runtime

New Runtime

Make this match the downloaded version
  • Choose the runtime that matches the version you downloaded (7.0)
  • In the next step you specify the folder

Specify the folder

Where did you put tomcat?
  • Specify the directory where you unzipped tomcat
  • Accept the defaults regarding perspective

New Servlet

File New Servlet
  • You have a new project - now create a servlet
  • The servlet should have a capital letter
  • HelloWeb is fine

New Servlet Options

You only need the doGet
  • You can accept the default options
  • You will only be changing doGet

Firewall Problems

Your firewall may complain
  • You may have an issue with your firewall
  • You need the firewall to allow a listener on port 8080
    • You only need local access at the moment
    • You can allow access from to port 8080
  • Avoid port 80 (as you may find other processes competing for this one)
  • You can use a different port if you have something else using 8080

Change doGet

Change the method doGet
  • Your code will run in doGet
protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {
  response.getWriter().println("Hello World");
  • The stub is created by Eclipse - you can change the bit inside this method.

Run / Run on server

Right Click to Run on Server
  • You can run on the server
  • The output will show up in the crappy Eclipse browser
    • You can fix this