Hello Web with Tomcat

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Complete Hello World in Eclipse before starting this.

Download Tomcat

Eclipse Tomcat Download.png
  • Unzip it to somewhere convenient
    • for example C:\
  • No need to install anything - Eclipse will take care of it
    • You just need to point Eclipse to the file location and it will take care of the installation
    • If you need to run tomcat outside Eclipse you will need to read some documentation

From Eclipse, start a new project

Eclipse New Project Dynamic Web.png
  • File / Project / Web / Dynamic Web Project

Run time environment

Eclipse New Dynamic.png
  • You need to specify the Project name and the Target runtime
  • Name your project HelloWeb
  • Click New Runtime

New Runtime

Eclipse Runtime Env.png
  • Choose the runtime that matches the version you downloaded (7.0)
  • In the next step you specify the folder