National Student Survey

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National Student Survey

This tutorial is based around responses to the National Student Survey. The raw data, originally from HEFCE is available as tab delimited file NSS_2014_FT.txt

SET07102 Software Development Assessment

public class NSS {
	public String UKPRN; // A unique identifier for each institution
	public String institution; // The name of the institution
	public String subject; // The subject of the degree studied
	public String level; // You may ignore this field
	public int question; // Questions numbered 1-22
	public int[] answered; // The percentage of students who responded
			       // 0 - STRONGLY_DISAGREE to
			       // 4 - STRONGLY_AGREE
	public int response; // Number of students who responded
	public int sample; // The number of students eligable to respond
	public boolean aggregate;  // You may ignore this field