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(Server Health Check)
(Server Health Check)
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==Server Health Check==
==Server Health Check==
Try http://progzoo.net/health/ http://progzoo.net/hello/ to see how that machine is doing.
*health http://progzoo.net/health/ to find out if the host machine is working.
*hello to execute "Hello World" on the guest http://progzoo.net/hello/ to see how that machine is doing.
The other machines are listed at [[User:Andr3w#Hardware]]
The other machines are listed at [[User:Andr3w#Hardware]]

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Things can go wrong at progzoo.net You may be able to fix them

Corruption at the server

This is mostly caused by a queue getting corrupted. Progzoo queues all requests so that there are only a limited number of jobs running at any one time.

  • The queue is stored in JSON format - due to Andrew's dumbness this can get corrupted.
  • In that case you can trash the queue.
    • This means that all waiting jobs will be lost so don't trash it unless
      • it is corrupt (because when it is corrupt no one is going to get served)
      • you are authorised to do this
      • you really, really want to

You can see the queue by visiting http://progzoo.net/w/extensions/r.cgi?lang=java Change lang to one of java cs cpp pl php py rb vb

You can trash the queue by visiting http://progzoo.net/w/extensions/r.cgi?lang=java&trashTheQueue=0 - but change the 0 to 1.

Before trashing the queue please copy it and send it to me at ajcumming@gmail.com with any other information that might be useful.

Server Health Check


The other machines are listed at User:Andr3w#Hardware

Restart the virtual server

The command /home/andrew/runUML.sh contains the following:

/home/andrew/tools-20070815/mconsole/uml_mconsole /home/andrew/.uml/umid/mconsole halt
rm pz.fs.cow;./kernel64-2.6.24 ubda=pz.fs.cow,pz.fs mem=228M eth0=tuntap,tap1 umid=umid

Another way to kill the guest server(s) (if you don't have mconsole)

kill `cat .uml/*/pid`