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You can open a text file and read each line.
  • The BufferedReader represents a text file.
  • You can create BufferedReader from an


  • The while condition (s=fh.readLine())!=null does two

things, it assigns the string s and it checks for null.

The text file [haggis.txt] includes some lines of text.

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You can use the try feature in Java 7. This ensures that the file will be closed and disposed of even if the read fails. <def> import; import; public class Demo{

 public static void main(String[] argv)
                       throws Exception{
   try(BufferedReader br =
      new BufferedReader(new FileReader("haggis.txt")))
     for(String line = br.readLine();line!=null;line=br.readLine())

} </def>

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