Road Signs, Easy

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Each of these road signs is worth 9 points.

Diversion Square

Draw the yellow square using <a href=",%20int,%20int,%20int,%20int,%20int)">fillRoundRect</a> The yellow square has side 150, the radius of the corner is 40. The black square is 100, the line width is 16. The yellow is rgb(255,227,0)..

<img src="/img/roaddiversionsquare.png" alt="Black Square Outline on Yellow"/>

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No Entry

Red circle with white rounded rectangle. The red disk has diameter 150. The rectangle is 130 by 30, the corner radius is 10.

<img style="border-style:solid;border-width:thin" src="/img/roadnoentry.png" alt="No entry"/>

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No Waiting

The circle has diameter 150, the border and band are 16 wide. Red is rbg(235,21,28) blue is rgb(0,111,187).

<img style="border-style:solid;border-width:thin" src="/img/roadnowaiting.png" alt="No Waiting"/>

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No Through Road

The blue sign is 150 by 150 the corners have radius 10. The leg of the T is 22 by 88. The top of the T is 76 by 28. The white border around the red rectangle is 2 wide. The colour red is rgb(225,0,21), blue is rgb(7,89,172).

<img style="border-style:solid;border-width:thin" src="/img/roadnothroughroad.png" alt="No Through Road"/>

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Road Warning

The base of the triangle is 120. The height of the triangle is (int)(120*Math.sqrt(3)/2) The border is 12 wide.

<img src="/img/roadwarning.png" alt="Red triangle."/>

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