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Each of these flags is worth 20 points.

São Paulo

  • 300 by 208
  • You may use the lists of numbers for the outline of Brazil
    • The first point is (281,144) the second is (288,143)...
    • The outline will be too large by a factor of 12
  • Use colors 222,24,24 and 255,239,8 and 8,8,107 plus black and white of course
  • The stars have radius 10
São Paulo

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  • 800 by 600
  • The array sts is a list of triples for example 1,-600,-132
    • The 1 indicates the star size
    • The -600,-132 are the x,y coordinates relative to the centre
      • Stars size 1 have radius 31.5; size 2 have radius 26.25 etc.
    • All of these values for stars will need to be scaled down by a factor of 5
  • The blue disk has radius 140
  • The white band (the ecliptic) has width 16
  • The ecliptic is a circle radius 280
  • The ecplitic intersects the blue disk at two points on a diameter
    • The diameter is at an angle of 16° from horizontal
  • To do the clipping properly you will need a line such as
java.awt.geom.Ellipse2D e = new java.awt.geom.Ellipse2D.Double();

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  • 256 by 256
  • The example show the plot
    • x is -1.5 through to 0.5
    • y is -1 through to 1
  • The space is divided into 64x64, each point is tested to 50 iterations
  • A disk is drawn if we pass 50 iterations without x or y going over 2
  • At each point (a,b):
    • Set (x,y) to (0,0)
    • Set (x',y') to (x*x-y*y+a,2*x*y+b)
    • Repeat until x or y get too large or 50 interations have been tried

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  • 256 by 256
  • The Sierpinski triangle has holes in it
  • Color the holes, according to size, using the sequence:
static Color[]cls = new Color[]{
	new Color(255,0,0),
	new Color(255,128,128),
	new Color(192,255,192),
	new Color(192,192,255),
	new Color(255,192,192),

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Data Display

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