Assessment 2014 Hard

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  • Each of these flags is worth up to 20 points.
  • Do not attempt to get these images pixel perfect
  • The quality of your code (as judged by your teachers) is more important than the number of pixels in the right place.
  • You should make good use of variables, parameters and loops
  • You should not use hard coded numbers other than those given in the question or default code
    • (You can use small integers 1 and 2 and Math.PI as well)

11 Knotwork


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12 Panelling

  • Use two identical orange shapes if possible
  • Use one if not
  • The gap around each orange shape is 8
  • The bevel is 12
  • The method panel should work well for any value of w that is more than 40

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13 Santache

  • The size of the curved stones should be calculated exactly
  • The vertical stones must be identical to each other
    • They should be as close to the size of the curved stones as possible
  • Parameters to drawArc:
    • width and height - of the outside of the arch, including the semi-circle on top
    • thickness - all of the stones should be this thick
    • curvedStoneCount - number of stones in the semi circle on top
    • gap - the size of the gap between stones

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14 Fractal Cathedral

  • There are three arrays of numbers, each array has the same length
  • ws indicates the number of divisions on the x-axis for each level
  • hs indicates the number of divisions on the y-axis for each level
  • es indicates the amount of space dedicated to the arch
  • The curves are quadratic curves
  • You will need some parameter to control the curve

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15 Beaney

Beaney Institute
  • The curves are cubic splines - I used a thick black curve overlaid by the same curve but thinner and white. There is probably a better way to do it.
  • Rules regarding not using harded coded numbers are suspended - but minimise these and define them clearly as constants.
  • Inspired by Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury, Kent

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