PHP MySQL - Module Feedback Setup

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Based on File:Cw2-2017.docx and

Preparing GIT (optional)

Setting up a project using git and

Dive in to PHP and MySQL

Welcome the user - looking up the name

Developing SQL statement to get the data you need

Using the command line interface to figure out the SQL you need

Sections for each module

We want one section for each of the three modules being studied.

Asking a question for each module

For each module that the student takes we will ask them to answer one question and allow a response.

Install your own database

You are not allowed to write to the gisq database - time to set up your own.

Store response in the database

Send the responses from the user to the database.

Fixing some problems (optional)

There was a referential integrity missing and we have messed up the data. This video finds the missing data, and puts in the missing integrity constraint.

Changing the question number format

Dealing with more than one question.

Showing output

Use the radar charts from