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These examples are way too hard and should not be attempted by any but the bravest.


The challenge with Greenland is to draw semi-circles.

  • The whole flag is 360 by 200.
  • The centre of the circle is at 120,100
  • The radius of the circle is 60


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The crescent is a popular device. You may be able to draw a circle in the foreground colour, then draw an offset circle in the background colour over the top.

  • The red colour has RGB 128, 0, 0. The green is 0, 128, 0
  • The whole flag is 300 by 200
  • The red border is 30 wide
  • The circles used have radius 55
  • The white circle is 15 right of centre
  • The green circle is offset by 25


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The four pointed star must be filled in red and outlined in white.

The black lines should not be drawn.


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Previously we were drawing five pointed stars using 10 points. Those stars were filled. Ethiopia has a star that is not filled, only 5 points need be used.


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