Accumulate Multiple Values

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You can use more than one accumulator in the same loop.

Find the average

Use two accumulators, sum and count. Return the two values in a string.

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Odds and evens

Use two accumulators, odd and evens to count the number of odd numbers and the number of even numbers. Return the two numbers in a string separated by a space.

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More odd than even?

Return the word "odd" if the number of odd numbers is bigger than the number of even numbers. Return the word "even" otherwise.

The list {1,3,5,8,6} returns "odd" because there are 3 odds and only 2 evens.

f({1,1,1,1})             -> odd
f({1,2,3,4,5,6})         -> even
f({-1,1,-1,1,-1})        -> odd
f({1,2,101,4,-1})        -> odd
f({4,2,6,1,1})           -> even  

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Small, medium, large

  • Numbers less than 2 are small.
  • Numbers greater than 4 are large.
  • Other numbers are medium.
f({1,1,1,1})             -> 4 0 0
f({1,2,3,4,5,6})         -> 1 3 2
f({-1,1,-1,1,-1})        -> 5 0 0
f({1,2,101,4,-1})        -> 2 2 1
f({4,2,6,1,1})           -> 2 2 1 

Return the number of small, medium and large numbers.

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