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Drawing flags: reusing shapes.



The flag of Vietnam has a yellow five pointed star on a red background. This star is a popular device on many flags, we define the star once and use it many times in later flags.

The given star has a radius of 50, it is centred on 0,0 which is the wrong place. We must translate to put it in the right place. We can use the TranslateTransform method to move the star to the right location.

The translate call is to the wrong location (50,50) - it should be at (100,75).

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The flag of Panama requires two stars. We can draw the same star twice.


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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina includes 9 white stars. Each star is 38 right and 38 below the previous star.


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Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)

  • The large star has a radius of 100
  • The 6 smaller stars have a radius of 10.
  • The background color is rgb: 173,216,230

The large star has a radius of 100, the 6 smaller stars have a radius of 10.


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