C#:Multiple Conditions Tutorial

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You may want to review some examples before you start: [../ht25Tests/ if statement - and, or, not]

Compare UK with Japan

The default program shows some details for two countries.

Show the following details for United Kingdom and Japan.

pop in millions
Population density - the number of people per square mile.
gdp in billions of dollars (1 billion is 1000000000)

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Asia and Asia-Pacific

Show the name and region for the countries of Asia and Asia-Pacific

Use 30 characters for the name and 20 for the region.

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Densely populated countries

List the name, the population and the area for those countries with a population density of at least 1000 people per square km.

Use 25 characters for the name, 12 for the population and 9 for the area. Use commas in both population and area.

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Large countries of Asia

Show the name and the populations where the region is Asia and the population is more than 100000000.

Use 11 characters for the name and 15 for the population.

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