Flags with Polygons Tutorial

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A polygon is a closed shape made up of straight lines (like a triangle or a square). See Polygons for details of how to do this.


The Napier flag is a red triangle on a white square. It suggests the letter N.
We create a polygon in order to fill it. The http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/api/java/awt/Polygon.html Polygon class is part of the standard awt package. We create a polygon then add points to it as required.

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To complete the flag of the Bahamas you must add the black triangle which represents the unity and vigour of the people. Flagbahamas.png

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We need four triangles to draw the flag of Jamaica. If we get it right we will leave a yellow cross.


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The Seychelles has a cheerful flag; four triangles and a quadrilateral.


We tire of coming up with names for our polygons. In this example we reuse the same old polygon - we reset it after it has done its job.

  • the green is new Color(0,128,0)

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