Hello World in Eclipse

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See Hello Web with Tomcat when you have completed this.

Download Eclipse

Pick the EE (Enterprise Edition)

Unzip and make a shortcut

No install - just unzip it
  • There is no install - simply unzip it to a convenient locations (for example c:\)
  • You can start by double clicking eclipse.exe
  • You can make a shortcut on your desktop

Welcome Screen

Close this pane
  • Accept the default workspace and move on
  • The welcome screen can be closed - you will not need it again

New project

File New Project
  • You want to start with a Java Project
    • A project can include many classes and other things
  • File / New / Project...
  • You want to start a Java Project

New Project Wizard

Eclipse Project Wizard.png
  • Set the Project Name to FirstProject (Use a capital for the first letter)
  • Pick Java Project to start with
  • Call your project FirstProject and check that you have at least 1.5 as the Execution Environment.
    • Note that 1.5 is often referred to as 5; similarly 1.7 is version 7.
    • The big changes happened at 1.5
  • You can just accept the defaults regarding file locations and perspectives.

Java Perspective

Make friends with this layout
  • You are now looking at the Java perspective – this is the arrangement of panes.
  • You are going to see this window a lot.
  • Your project files are listed in the Package Explorer on the left hand side

Java Perspective

Your new Class is Hello
  • File/New/Class
  • Call your class Hello use a capital H.
  • Tick public static void main…
  • You don’t want the other options


Change main
  • Replace the TODO comment line with:
  • Click the green Run button to make it go.
    • You can also use: Ctrl F11


Pick your font
  • There are an overwhelming number of preferences.
  • Select your favourite font from
    • Window/Preferences/General/Appearance/Colors and Fonts/Basic/Text Font
  • Variable width fonts work fine too.