Multiple Conditions Tutorial

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You may want to review some examples before you start: and, or, not

Compare UK with Japan

The default program shows some details for two countries.

Show the following details for United Kingdom and Japan.

  • Name:
  • Region:
  • Area:
  • Population:
    • pop in millions
  • Density:
    • Population density - the number of people per square mile.
  • GDP:
    • gdp in billions of dollars (1 billion is 1000000000)

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Asia and Asia-Pacific

Show the name and region for the countries of Asia and Asia-Pacific

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Densely populated countries

List the name, the population and the area for those countries with a population density of at least 1000 people per square km.

Give the name, population and area.

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Large countries of Asia

Show the name and the populations where the region is Asia and the population is more than 100000000.

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