PHP:Sorting an Array

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You can sort an array in PHP with sort

Sort an array

The function sort can be used if the sort is simple:

Sort the list 2,7,5,4.

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Sort an array in reverse

We use the function rsort:

Sort the list 2,7,5,4 in reverse.

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Sort an array using a custom comparator

You can create your own comparator. This mens that you decide how the sort is to be done. It is a function that returns a negative, zero or a positive integer depending on how the first argument (let's call $o1) compares to the second argument (let's call $o2).

return -1 (or any negative number) if $o1 comes before $o2
return  0 if $o1 and $o2 are the same
return  1 (or any positive number) if $o1 comes after $o2

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