PHP MySQL jQuery tutorial - Cinema Seat Booking

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Based on File:Cw1-2017.docx and

Unzipping the files

Download the files from unpack them and put them on the web.

Looking at the database

Load the test data into your MySQL database.


Move from a static json file to a generated PHP data source.

Inject values from MySQL into JSON

Take data from the MySQL database and publish it in JSON format using PHP

Transforming data from MySQL into JSON

The grid data in MySQL is in the wrong format - build strings of the correct format.

Taking out the cheats - build the rowLabels and colLabels from the database

There is still a lot of hard coded detail in the PHP. Replace these data structures using a hash map.

Building the umap structure from the database

Pull more data from the database - the usage nap (umap) structure can be built using clever SQL statements and nifty PHP

Tidying up

We started with hard coded values and we must be sure that these are all removed.

Making bookings to MySQL

Allow internet users to add bookings to the database.