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Drawing flags: reusing shapes.



The flag of Vietnam has a yellow five pointed star on a red background. This star is a popular device on many flags, we define the star once and use it many times in later flags.

The path star is a five pointed star with radius 1 that has been scaled by 50 then translated to coordinates 100,100.

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The flag of Panama requires two stars. We can draw the same star twice.

A star is defined inside the <defs> element. It can be used twice. Flagpanama.png

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina includes 9 white stars. Each star is 38 right and 38 below the previous star.


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Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)

  • The large star has a radius of 100
  • The 6 smaller stars have a radius of 10.
  • The background color is rgb(173,216,230)


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