Strings Tutorial, Simple Filtering

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These questions use the simple text file - this file includes around three hundred characters from Greek legends.

You will need to use string methods such as: length equal substring contains indexOf


Io was a beautiful maiden who had an unfortunate run-in with Zeus and Hera. Io was turned into a heifer plagued by a gadfly.

Print the only two character name.

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Odysseus, Perseus and and the other guy all traveled widely and slew monsters.

Identify the three characters where the name ends with "seus".

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Cassandra was cursed with the gift of prophecy. She has a nine letter name that ends with "a". Find the others.

Print the names with 9 letter that end in "a".

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The Amazons were a fearsome race of warrior women. Their name has an "m" as the second character.

Print the names with "m" as the second character.

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Ixion murdered his father-in-law and got on the wrong side of Zeus - two mistakes.

The name Ixion includes an "x", but it does not end in "x" so he is included in our list. The "x" in Ajax is at the end - so he is excluded.

Print the names with an "x", where the name does not end with x.

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Terminal o

Several folk have a name ending in "o". We only want them if that is the only "o" in their name.

The sun god Apollo represents order, harmony and civilization; but he does not make our list as he has an "o" before the end of his name.

Print where the first "o" is the last character.

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