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This is a list of the most urgent improvements required on the progzoo site. If you take on a task please update this list. Also feel free to add more tasks. Check the discussion page associated with the page referenced.

  1. Prettify the tutorial index page Tutorials
  2. Prettify the Flags index page Flags
  3. Convert tutorial material from to the Wiki using
  4. Add help to the hardest questions.
  5. Add facilities to execute other languages
  6. Figure out a smart way to link between corresponding versions of pages
    1. Being able to flip between (say) the Java version and the C++ version of the same task is popular
    2. Many users are only interested in only one language so this should be less intrusive.
  7. Identify a MediaWiki extension that allows self-tests (e.g. multi choice) and develop regular tests in-between tutorials.
  8. Figure out a way to present statistics on how hard each question is based on successful completion rates.
  9. Figure out a way to present "Your progress" so that you can see how you have got through the material.
  10. Figure out a way to allow individuals to create their own mini-sites within progzoo so that lecturers at other Universities can create material and have devolved control of editing/access rights.
  11. The site needs a good logo. The current image is based on Hilbert's Space Filling Curve
  12. The RSS and Atom feeds do not work due to an XML Parsing Error; see: this was caused by blank lines at the end of some extensions.
  13. The Ruby shell "shells_bbc.xml#funrb" doesn't work correctly. It splits on any whitespace instead of on tabs; as a result any countries or continents that contain spaces are not parsed correctly.
    1. Fixed. The external shells should not phased out. It's better to have the shell embedded in the page. See Ruby:Simple_Printing_Tutorial for an example. andrew
  14. None of the C++ code runs currently. It appears to think it's a Java program and then gives a message that the class is not found (which of course isn't found, because it's C++ not Java).
    1. Some of the C++ code works. The above problem is most commonly caused by the lang='java' attribute being set. This attribute is not required any more but it has been set in many existing pages.andrew
    2. Also - machine got replaced recently. Andrew need to yum install gcc-c++ then ... yum install ImageMagick-c++-devel