Use fillArc to Draw Yin and Yang

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Flag of South Korea

This page shows you step by step how to draw the Yin-Yang device in the flag of South Korea.


Draw two semi-circles

Two Semi-Circles

  • The circle has radius 50

The method fillArc takes 6 parameters g.fillArc(x,y,w,h,start,subtend)

  • x and y are the coordinates of the containing rectangle
  • w and h are the width and height of the containing rectangle
  • start is the angle (in degrees) of the start of the arc. This is measured anti-clockwise from the 3 O'Clock position
  • subtend is the angle of the arc - measured anti-clockwise

You use Java to calculate the values required.

  • The centre of the flag has x-coordinate w/2
    • The containing rectangle is r to the left of this so you subtract r.
  • The square that contains the circle radius r has x coordinate w/2-r

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Draw smaller semi-circles

Yin Yang

  • The circle has radius r=50
  • The small semi-circles have radius r/2

You use Java to calculate the values required.

  • The right semi-circle is in a rectangle at (w/2,h/2-r/2)
  • The size of the rectangle is r by r

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