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Current activity

Notes on registering students

When linking from moodle set the following URL parameters:

  • course
    • Course ID number
  • userName
    • user full name
  • institution
    • Institution
Moodle Snapshot

Notes on question type qtp

Set the question type using

 <pre id='shellbody' data-qtp='DOM'></pre>
  • canvas
    • in this case we create a canvas element, call drawFlag with the 2d context, report the bitmap to score.php
  • DOM
    • in this question type after usr.js has executed pass document.body.innerHTML to score.php
  • fetch
    • intercept fetch calls, after the promise has been resolved pass document.innerHTML to score.php
  • clicky
    • trigger a click on the button before checking innerHTML
    • if there is a <pre class=test> element...
    • complete each action and evaluate the expr each time. The result is a list, usr and ans are compared
<pre class=test>

Notes on score.php

Each question creates two iframes one for user input one for model answer.

The containing document cannot see the iframe contents so we use a round-about scoring mechanism:

  • Each iframe reports to score.php with the body innerHTML or the canvas content
  • score.php responds to the second of the two calls by generating an MQTT message
topic: pzscore/0.08061187738818432
payload: {"uid":"0.08061187738818432","aid":"1629570082","qid":"Flags_with_Rectangles-1","score":50}
  • these messages can be picked up by the parent page, also allows a teacher to monitor a class